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Scaffolding Erection Guide And Procedure Every Contractor, Builder And Worker Should Know

Scaffolding ErectionContractors and builders should pay 100% attention to the basic knowledge of erection. Remember poor erection techniques can lead to major losses including death of the workers hence slowing down of the construction projects.

Remember the construction saying: “Safety Comes First”.

Following are the scaffolding erection guide and procedure every contractor, builder and worker should follow strictly:

Guide Before Erection

Before you even start any construction work, the safety officer should inspect the scaffolds for any corrosion, straightness of the members and joints used.

Highly corroded scaffolds should not even be found at the construction site, dispose them.

Damaged members that have lost their straightness should also not be used as they are prone to accidents. Scaffolds that possess damaged weld cracks should be discouraged or risk catastrophic accidents as they might snap and bring the entire scaffold structure tumbling down.

Coupling pins should be an appropriate alignment to the legs of the scaffold panel.

In cases where pivoted cross braces are being used, their respective center point should be securely placed.

Erection of The Scaffolds

Erection of these structures should be under tight supervision from a qualified personnel. Proper locking of the scaffolds using right locks should be adhered to, this avoids loose scaffolds that tend to sway.

Deteriorated scaffolds should not be used at the site, in case such is spotted, those working should stop till it is removed before proceeding.

Proper planning for the setting up of scaffolds is required and check on the effectiveness of the screws is mandatory. (Screw threads tend to rust hence lessening the grip, leading to lose scaffolds).

The supervisor or safety officer should in turn also check that the panels that require coupling pins have them.

After erection of the initial scaffolds, use a plumb bob to make sure that the entire scaffold is aligned well. No matter how high the scaffold structure, lack of alignment to it can cause catastrophic results or even death.

Soils To Be Placed On

Contractor should make sure that the soil onto which the scaffolds are being placed is of sufficient strength to transmit the loads on the scaffolds to the ground.

In case of light soils that allow the sinking of the scaffolds, add some concrete panels on the ground to act as the foundation of the scaffolds.

Daily Inspection

Daily inspection of the structure before the workers commence work should include the following:

  • Checking and adjusting of the supports under the scaffold leg. In case of broken concrete panels, replacement should be done or risk sinking hence instability.
  • All the nuts and screws should be in tight.
  • The frames used should be inspected for their alignment using a plumb bob.
  • Inspect to ascertain that all ties are secured between structure and scaffold formed.


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