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We pride ourselves on our ability to fulfil all your scaffolding needs, be it scaffolding for rent or new and used scaffolding for sale, at very affordable price.

The price range for our scaffold services is reasonably priced without any compromise with the quality.

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Affordable & Reliable Scaffolding Rental, For Your Short-, Medium- And Long-Term Scaffolding Needs

Looking for affordable and reliable scaffolding rental in Singapore?

More and more scaffolding users are turning to short-term or long-term scaffolding rental. It is an easier and a cost effective way to match scaffolding resources to challenging business advantages …

There are many possible reasons for scaffolding renting instead of buying, for example:

  • You may not wish to pay the full price that ownership would need, allowing for smaller rental fees over a specified period of time.
  • Reducing financial risk due to depreciation, especially if your scaffolding needs might be only for a short amount of time.
  • There is no need to worry about storage, lifespan and maintenance.
  • Renting can help improve the environment. Scaffolding products are used more efficiently by sharing rather than being overproduced or disposed of.

We offer you high-quality scaffolding rental service at affordable rental rate. Basically, the scaffolding rental is either for exterior use or interior use.


Exterior Scaffolding Rental

We are offering different types of scaffolding system that are perfect for exterior work.

The main components of a scaffolding system are the frames, tubes and cross braces that you stack and combine end to end to make larger scaffolds.


Interior Scaffolding Rental

Interior scaffolding allows users to safely work and access above reach height. Ideal for painting ceilings, second storey foyers, or handling multi-storey interior work.

Working from scaffolding is much safer and easier than working from a ladder. It forms a wide work platform and offers a wide reach.

Whether you are looking for scaffolds for temporary construction, installation, maintenance, or … The products we supply are the perfect solution to all your short-, medium- and long-term scaffolding needs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to fulfil all your scaffolding needs, and we will continually update our inventory, allowing us to offer scaffolding rental at very favourable discounts.

You may also refer to our Types of Scaffolding and Scaffolding Materials sections, to have a better understanding of what are the scaffolding systems available in Singapore construction market. Surely there is one that best suit your scaffolding needs.


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