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Scaffold Clamps / Couplers – Tightly Secure The Scaffold Components For Use

Scaffold Clamps / Couplers are used to connect scaffold tube to scaffolding and formwork frames. Each steel scaffold pipe must be affixed to another to create a strong structure, a scaffolding clamp can be used to create a straight line or an angle and tightly secure the scaffold components for use, to provide stability to the structure of the scaffolding.

Scaffold Clamps / Couplers are available in a fixed 90-degree angle, or with a swivelling center to provide extra durability. There are three basic types:

Swivel Couplers

Swivel Couplers

They are used to create custom angles or positions of two or more pipes in relation to each other. When the pipes are positioned properly, the swivel clamp can be used to tighten up that position. Swivel couplers are normally used when cross braces are to be positioned between vertical pipes.

Right Angle Couplers

Right Angle Couplers

Also known as 90 degree couplers or double couplers. They are used to connect tubes at right angles.

Putlog Couplers

Putlog Couplers

Also known as single couplers. They are used to connect putlogs or transom tubes to ledger tubes for the support of scaffold boards.

Only swivel couplers and right angle couplers can be used to fix pipe to create a ‘load-bearing connection’. Single couplers are not designed to create ‘load-bearing connection’.

Joint pins or sleeve couplers are used for end to end connection between the two tubular scaffolding structures.

Joint pins

Joint Pins

Joint pins are manufactured using premium quality material and it is designed to offer grip against inner walls of the tubes. Furthermore, these fittings are planned and designed only for compression joints and not recommended where there is possibility of tension in the tube.

Sleeve Couplers

Sleeve Couplers

Sleeve Couplers are designed to join two scaffold tubes end to end externally. A steel divider located in the middle to ensure equal insertion of each tube. They can be utilised where tension joints are needed and thus are particularly useful for ledger tubes and long bracing.

These sturdily constructed scaffold clamps / couplers are easily adjustable towards height. Made from durable material, the scaffold clamps / couplers are galvanised and protected against rust and corrosion. It can be assembled and disassembled very easily and quickly.

We pride ourselves on our ability to fulfil all your scaffolding needs, be it scaffolding for rent or new and used scaffolding for sale, at very affordable price.


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