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We pride ourselves on our ability to fulfil all your scaffolding needs, be it scaffolding for rent or new and used scaffolding for sale, at very affordable price.

The price range for our scaffold services is reasonably priced without any compromise with the quality.

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Wide Selection of Scaffolding Products for Your Every Scaffolding Need

We supply the most commonly used scaffolding products and scaffolding accessories in Singapore. We are dedicated to supplying quality scaffolding products to the construction industry, small to large builders.

We pride ourselves on our ability to fulfil all your scaffolding needs. We will continually update our inventory, allowing us to offer our services, be it scaffolding for rent or sale of new and used scaffolding, at very affordable price with quick delivery!

Scaffolding Products


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Types of Scaffolding

To ensure efficient equipment and tools are being used, we show you different types of scaffold system.

Scaffolding Basic Components

The basic components of Tube and Clamp Scaffold are pipes, clamps (or couplers) and boards. Pipe and clamp is among the most labor-intensive of all scaffolding applications. It is normally used only when unlimited adaptability, high capacity and versatility are required.

The basic components of Frame Scaffold are main frame, horizontal frame or catwalk and cross brace. Frame scaffold is one of the most popular types of scaffolds in Singapore.

Scaffolding Accessories

Other common scaffolding accessories include arm lock, base-plate, jack base, U-head, caster wheel, safety net, and more.

We cannot contempt or ignore the quality of these scaffolding accessories.

Scaffolding Materials

The components of scaffolding are usually made either of steel, aluminium, timber or bamboo.

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