How to Choose The Used Scaffolding?

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How to Choose The Used Scaffolding?

When the cost of the project does not justify the acquisition of new scaffolds, one can choose to buy or rent used ones. The following are the main reasons of choosing used scaffolding in a project:

  • When the cost of the project does not justify the buying of new scaffolds.
  • When the amount of money available or allocated is not enough to buy new scaffolds.
  • Short term projects do not justify the use of new scaffolds that are expensive.
  • Low rise buildings. Such types of buildings have less height hence less accident risks as compared to high rise buildings like skyscrapers.

When choosing used scaffolding, one should check out the following to ascertain as to whether they are in order or risk creating a construction hazard.


Getting to know the manufacturer’s manual is essential. Knowing the load bearing capacity of any scaffold is an important aspect of safety. Background understanding of the manufacturer’s instructions is vital to any scaffold selection.


Before buying, get some advice from the relevant project civil engineer and/or safety officer. This will assist you in knowing if the scaffolds will do the job required. Ignoring such experts before buying the used scaffolding is a complete risk.


Frame alignment. Make sure that when buying the used scaffolding, the frames should be straight. Frames that are not straight tend to introduce moments in an entire scaffold structure hence instability. As you purchase steel frames, try and erect a mock-up scaffold. Please also remember to carry out several tests e.g. load bearing tests.


Avoid buying or renting highly corroded scaffolds. Buying such used scaffolding is a risk. Corroded screws and bolts causes the erected structure to be unstable hence may lead to collapse. While buying, I will personally advice one to buy used scaffolding made of aluminum or well galvanized steel.


Knowing the laws governing construction sites is an essential need before you choose the used scaffolding. Knowing what is needed can help you understand how many ladders, screws, frames or even bolts that should be available at a certain site. A proper look at the construction standards in your own locale or country will help a lot.

Project managers and site managers should follow these tips while selecting the used scaffolding. Make sure that you have chosen the suitable used scaffolding that best fits the construction you are carrying out or risk slowing the progress of the project and incur losses.



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