How to Choose The Best Scaffold System?

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How to Choose The Best Scaffold System?

Sometimes you may get stuck while choosing the best scaffold system for certain or specific constructions. Remember to get some advice from the relevant construction authority before buying or renting the scaffolds. Scaffolds that do not adhere to the relevant standards will be rejected and this can lead to costly and time wasting to the project.

Following are the major elements to be considered while deciding on the right scaffold system for a project:


Project budget. Supported scaffolds are cheaper as they can be used for longer time periods repeatedly. Adjustable scaffolds are expensive though cheaper in the long run, in case you have several sites to use them. Suspended scaffolds are more expensive as they are designed for specific projects alone.


Ground condition for the erection of the scaffolds. Where the soil is unstable, e.g. sand or clay soils, use of working platform is advised. This is because they are steady. It is also difficult to use mobile scaffolds in places where the soil is unstable as the movable wheels tend to sink into the ground hindering motion.


Load capacity. When you need to carry heavy loads while constructing, then you should use the high load capacity scaffolds. Using scaffolds that do not withstand the loads applied can lead to the complete failure of the structure. This can turn out to be catastrophic as death or injury to workers is great loss to the project.


Building characteristics. Exact knowledge of the use of the scaffold is an added advantage. If workers are working on the building’s ceiling, then buy the mobile scaffolds that can easily be slid as they move from one place to another. This can also apply to working on walls or buildings not more than three meters high. If one is working in places where there is little space for accessibility, then choose the suspended scaffold. Choose tower scaffolds when working in very high places.


Weather and climate. Use of aluminum scaffolds in rainy areas is encouraged. Steel scaffolds will easily rust in these places; therefore, galvanized steel scaffold is recommended. Construction in saline areas e.g. near coastal areas are also prone to fast rusting.


Choosing the right scaffolding company. Buying from unrecognised companies that produce substandard scaffolds can be catastrophic. This is because some unrecognised companies do not meet the required building and construction standards.

Project managers and site managers should follow these tips while selecting the scaffolds system. Make sure that you have chosen the scaffold system that best fits the construction you are carrying out or risk slowing the progress of the project and incur losses.



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