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Working Platform – An Elevated Working Space On A Scaffold

Working platform is an elevated working space on a scaffold that supports workers and their material as they carry out tasks at different heights. Working platforms should always be placed as close as possible to the structure’s work space to enable workers carry out their tasks comfortably. Working platforms usually consists of ramps accesses as well as other ground supported working materials.

Guardrails and mid-rails if necessary must be erected on the exposed side of the working platform for the safety of workmanship.

Uses of Working Platform

Some general uses of Working Platform are:

  • Working platforms are often used on structures spanning 60ft in height and are normally found in high-rise constructions.
  • Working platforms offer sufficient, durable and safe working space from which construction materials such as cranes can easily operate.
  • They also serve to increase workers’ efficiency by increasing their comfort in that they move from steel platforms to other working areas.
  • Working platforms also serve to elevate workers to proper working heights while also raising them out of unsafe areas e.g. wet floors, thus avoiding accidents and maintain a safe working environment.

Benefits of Working Platform

  • Working platforms are easy to clean and transport hence promoting cleanliness and organization in work. One is able to prevent build-up of debris and mortar during work hence saving time during shift changes while also promoting efficiency in work.
  • They provide an area that is spacious enough for workmanship and their material. This curbs any risk of collapse or deformation that could affect its safe use.
  • Some working platforms are power driven allowing them to ascend higher heights while carrying much heavier loads.
  • They are easy to erect and dismantle, and can be adjusted to an optimum working height that suits the worker hence decreasing the risk of injuries especially those that occur from straining the back and shoulders.
  • Since they are erected on firm stable ground, the workers’ equipment and the workers themselves remain stable and comfortable, enabling them to perform their tasks much faster.
  • Working platforms can convey large loads and workers together on one platform due to their large load carrying capacity.
  • Equipment found on working platforms are versatile as they can easily be modified to suit specific project needs at a construction site.
  • Working platforms on which guardrails are erected promote safety and therefore aid in managing construction health risks that could arise.


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