Types of Scaffolding

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Types of Scaffolding

Types of scaffolding to choose depends on many factors, like specific constructions requirement for the particular project, the budget, etc. Sometimes you may get stuck. Remember to get some advice from the relevant construction authority before buying or renting the scaffolds that meet your requirements.

Types of Scaffolding

In this section, we will outline different types of scaffolding available in Singapore construction market, including their benefits, uses and what are the common materials they are made of, etc. The ultimate goal is to help you make the right decision to get your job done on time and on budget.



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Frame Scaffold

Frame scaffold consists of a platform or plank supported on prefabricated frames with integral posts intermediate members and some horizontal bearers …

Mobile Scaffold

Mobile scaffold is a type of supported scaffold which is on wheels, casters or any other device for easy movement from one point to another …

Modular Scaffold

Modular scaffolds are put together by a set of prefabricated braces, screws and bolts that have mostly uniform length and widths. They are fixed at predetermined levels called modules …

Supported Scaffold

Supported scaffolds consisting of one or many platforms that have been held or supported by the rigid support like poles, columns of buildings or even cables…

Suspended Scaffold

Suspended scaffold can be lowered or raised to different level. They are usually held by ropes or other rigid form from an overhead structure …

Tower Scaffold

Tower scaffold is tower consisting of other scaffolding components and which also contains internal stairway units and rest platforms …

Tubular Scaffold

Tubular scaffolds are made of galvanised aluminium or steel tubes connected together by coupler which relies on friction to support load. They are easy to use …

Working Platform

Working platform can referred to a structure on a scaffold raised above the ground to provide support for workers and their material …

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