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Tubular Scaffold Are Made Up Of Tubes, Couplers And Planks

Tubular scaffolds are scaffolds made up of steel tubes or galvanised aluminium interconnected and relying on friction as a support for any loading.

The main components of tubular scaffolds are outlined below:


These are the most basic components of the scaffolding system. The properties and dimensions of the scaffolding tubes should conform to the relevant standards to ensure that they support the desired loadings without failure.


There are several types of couplers e.g. right angle couplers which connect tubes at right angles and usually come in different designs. Swivel couplers which are used to connect two tubes at any angle. Putlog couplers which are used to connect two tubes together at right angles. Sleeve joiner which is used to connect two tubes end to end with each end of the joiner being one by one tightened, the joiner must also have a stopper inside to centre the fitting.


Every scaffolding unit must possess planks which support the workers and the material. The planks are usually inspected visually for: twists, splits, breaks, deep burns, rot, saw cuts, notch cut out and nails. They are also tested through an approved testing machine to verify their integrity.

Tubular Scaffold



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Uses of Tubular Scaffold

Tubular Scaffold is made solely for construction purposes and is largely replacing timber scaffolding.

Benefits of Tubular Scaffold

  • Tubular scaffold is the most flexible types of scaffold as they can easily be adjusted in accordance to the desired height.
  • Tubular Scaffold can be moved around the construction site easily as they are very light. Tubes and fittings are normally light in weight.
  • Tubular scaffolds are normally easy to use as they have only a few components. This type of scaffold can be assembled and dismantled with much ease hence saving on time and costs of having to hire professionals.
  • Galvanised tubes can withstand harsh conditions and weather with lesses wear or corrosion therefore making them very durable.
  • Tubular scaffold can adapt to every type of building structures in construction site e.g. tower scaffolds and free standing scaffolds. They therefore offer the most efficient and adaptable solutions to scaffolding.
  • Tubular scaffolds offer a sturdy work platform for workers to perform their tasks efficiently.
  • Tubular scaffold can easily be mounted on casters hence providing a very mobile staging.
  • In the event the scaffolds need to be erected for longer durations, tubular scaffolding offers the most cost effective solution.

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