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Tower Scaffold Provides Free Standing, Stable And Easily Moveable Working Platform

Tower ScaffoldTower scaffold is tower consisting of other scaffolding components and which also contains internal stairway units and rest platforms.

These towers rely on all parts being in place to ensure adequate strength otherwise the tower would collapse if parts are left out.

There are a couple of types of tower scaffold e.g. mobile tower scaffolds or rolling scaffolds which have fixed casters at the end of their scaffolding legs. There are also aluminium or steel towers made to facilitate both indoor and outdoor activities at the construction site.

Tower scaffolds provide free standing, stable and easily moveable working platform to work at height.

General considerations come into play when using the tower scaffold:

ERECTION OF THE TOWER: The tower should always be erected while adhering to a safe method of work. Guidelines when erecting the tower scaffold are:

  • Never move the tower in windy conditions.
  • Never move the tower with people or materials still in it.
  • Pushing and pulling should always be done from the base manually and not using vehicles.
  • The ground should always be checked to ensure that it is firm and free from any potholes.

STABILITY: To ensure that the tower is stable, the activities listed below should not be carried out:

  • Exposing the tower to strong winds.
  • Loading the tower with heavy equipment exceed the maximum design load it is supposed to carry.
  • Using of the tower to lift materials.
  • Using the tower with other parts missing.
  • Using the tower with incompatible components.
  • Using the tower as a support for other equipment.

MOVING THE TOWER: You should always check for obstructions overhead e.g. power lines, low lying tree branches. Reduce the towers height appropriately.

DISMANTLING THE TOWER: One should also follow the recommended procedure when dismantling the tower.


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Uses of Tower Scaffold

Some general uses of Tower Scaffold are:

  • Tower scaffolds are usually erected to facilitate workers to work at height instead of using plain ladders hence promoting stability and preventing falling.
  • They also facilitate intensive indoor and outdoor activities as well as the less intensive construction works.

Benefits of Tower Scaffold

  • Tower scaffold can easily be assembled and dismantled on site hence saving on time and energy.
  • Tower scaffold offers a safer and more stable working platform to work at heights for longer periods of time thus promoting efficiency in work.
  • For aluminium tower scaffold, their light weight enables convenient transportation and movement during construction work.
  • In the case of mobile tower scaffold, possession of castors makes them easy to move around the construction site.
  • Mobile tower scaffolds are also versatile as they offer freedom to various complete activities at a wide range of elevations.

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