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Suspended Scaffold Can Be Lowered Or Raised To Different Level

Suspended scaffold is a scaffold platform which can be lowered or raised to different level depending on the work to be performed. They are usually held by ropes or other rigid form from an overhead structure.

Suspended ScaffoldSuspended scaffolds are mostly used by workers on construction site to get access to repair, refurbishment and maintenance works of high rise buildings. They are often used in window washing of tall buildings. Some are designed to look like cars that slide on existing rails as the workers perform their duties.

Suspended scaffold can be classified in the following groups depending on the use:

  • Work cages – They are cabins attached to a rope hence can be raised or lowered using pulley.
  • Double-rope – These are attached to a support by two ropes for lowering and raising.
  • Boatswain chairs – This is a chair attached to a rope, mostly used while repairing or in installation of electrical lines.

Building and Construction standards stipulate that before use of any suspended scaffold, one has to let the safety officer inspect the entire scaffold. Accidents involving suspended scaffold are very fatal hence need to prevent them. Lack of safety measures on a site can cause delays, death and even subject the company to fines and compensations.


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Uses of Suspended Scaffold

Some general uses of Suspended Scaffold are:

  • Construction e.g. glass fixing.
  • Maintenance of high rise buildings.
  • Painting of buildings.
  • Cleaning of exterior of the building (mostly window washing).
  • Minor concrete repair on the sides of a structure.
  • Used in construction cladding.
  • Inspection of high rise buildings.

Benefits of Suspended Scaffold

  • Suspended scaffolds are adjustable. They are adjusted using the hoists and pulleys holding them in position, hence allowing the workers to manoeuvre from different floor levels as they work.
  • Suspended scaffolds are highly secure, if they adhere to the Building and Construction Authority standards. They must have safety guard rails to prevent accident due to falling from the cabin.
  • Suspended scaffolds are highly economical. Buying one set of it can be used on different sites as long as they are well maintained. Window washing and repair companies acquire these scaffolds and use them on different sites.
  • They are easy to install and dismantle. As long the hoist is available, one can easily erect the structure and start on the main chore needed.
  • Suspended scaffolds are also very flexible. They can be used for different purposes like painting, repair of glass windows and window washing.
  • Depending on how they are adjusted, they allow close accessibility to the working area. The ropes move it to the required level of the work.
  • Easy to transport and store. A complete 12-meter platform can comfortably fit in the back of a truck for transportation. This makes it advantageous as compared to the other scaffolds that need to be dismantled before being transported to the site of work.

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