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Supported Scaffold Is Supported By The Rigid Support

Supported scaffold consisting of one or many platforms that have been held or supported by the rigid support. These rigid supports may include poles, columns of buildings or even cables. And they are built at heights of less than three meters.

In some places it may just include well joint timber members while commercial ones are made of aluminium and steel. Commercial ones are cost effective on large and long term projects as compared to wooden ones.

There are various types of supported scaffold:

  • Ladder jack – These include platforms supported by large vertical movable poles or supports.
  • Tube and coupler – They are erected by basic connection of the couplers at a right angle.
  • Frame scaffolds – They are supported using fabricated frames that have posts, horizontal members and intermediate members too.

Make sure the foundation of the supported scaffold is stable. If the underground soil is unstable, then provide a platform that can easily transfer the force to the ground without sinking of the erected structure.

Supported Scaffold


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Uses of Supported Scaffold

Some general uses of Supported Scaffold are:

  • They are mostly used in sites where gaining access to low heights is a problem.
  • They are mostly used in the construction of low rise buildings.
  • Basic home repairs e.g. painting, ceiling and fresher board repairs.

Benefits of Supported Scaffold

  • They are easily available as they are easy to be fabricated. Hence they are economical to projects. Users also find it easier to use them while on site.
  • Most of these supported scaffolds are provided with fall protection frames. This ensures the safety of the workers. Safety should be the first element on any construction site hence cutting down on the cost of the projects through less lost time on injuries and compensations.
  • Since the supported scaffolds are built at heights of less than three meters, they can easily be lifted from one place on site to another for use. Unlike tower scaffolds that have to be dismantled before being erected at another place on site, this involves time wastage thus losses.
  • It is easier to adjust the heights of the supported scaffold; this facilitates better working heights for the workers hence less risks on site.

Purchasing or renting of supported scaffold, make sure to consult the relevant civil engineer or safety officer. They have better understanding of the requirements of the Building and Construction Standards in accordance to Singapore Law, and they are responsible for the safety of the construction sites.

Safety officer will also inform you on the safety level of the scaffold you are about to purchase or rent. Remember the higher the supported scaffold, the more the accident risk it is prone to.

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