Steel Scaffold

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Steel Scaffold Is Strong And Has A Longer Lifespan

Steel scaffold is preferred when the scaffolding needs a high weight rating or must be very durable.

Steel scaffold provides workers a temporary steel framework supported from below and above that workers can stand on or materials can be placed on. It can be used during the erection of a building, when workers are doing the maintenance or repair jobs, etc. It is especially needed in high remote places where workers cannot reach.

Steel Scaffold

Following are some components that are made of steel:

  • Steel scaffold tubes. They are used for long periods of time as they are more durable.
  • Couplers which are used in joining other components together.
  • Scaffold tie used to join the steel scaffold to the structure itself.
  • Board decking which is the working platform for the workers.
  • A cross section bracing component.
  • The transom is a load bearing component supporting the board decking.
  • A ledger which is a horizontal brace.
  • A base plate or jack which serves as a load bearing base for the whole steel scaffold.
  • There can also be brackets for extension of the width of the platform used for working.


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Uses of Steel Scaffold

Some general uses of Steel Scaffold are:

  • Steel scaffold provides a working platform for workers who are building a structure of a building. Where a building project requires high scaffolding for access, steel scaffolds are conventionally used over the others.
  • They usually stabilise a structure to keep it vertical.
  • Provide a platform for maintaining the exterior of a structure that is already in existence e.g. painting jobs, window cleaning in tall buildings, etc.
  • They can form suspended platforms or rather hanging platforms which can be used for various jobs e.g. bridge maintenance.
  • They can be used to brace structural props.

Benefits of Steel Scaffold

  • Steel scaffold is strong and has a longer lifespan. This ensures a safe working environment and smoother operation during working as workers aren’t stressed about their safety.
  • Steel scaffold has the suitable elasticity. That is, not very elastic so as to bend and fail in the event of loading and also not too rigid for it to crack and fail.
  • Steel scaffolds are capable of supporting very heavy loads imposed by workers, materials placed on it or the sheer weight of the scaffold if the heights are considerably high.
  • In the event the steel scaffold is bolted and clamped together and not welded, the scaffold can be reused in several other construction projects hence saving on costs.
  • Most steel scaffolds are made in such a way that they become easy to assemble.
  • Steel scaffolds are rust proof if well coated or galvanised, hence can be used over longer periods of time without having to worry about their quality.

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