Scaffolding Safety

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Scaffolding Safety Takes Precedence In Any Work

“Safety first.” That should be the most heard of phrase to any construction employer. In construction, scaffolding safety takes precedence in any work. Lack of proper handling of scaffolds can lead to being sued for criminal offence by the affected parties. I know, no contractor would like this.

Scaffolding Safety

Scaffolding safety starts with the workers themselves, so keep the workers posted on any new safety hazards on site. Remember that construction projects can be expensive when workers are faced with accidents as the company has to pay compensation fees and a lot of time is wasted in hospitals. Let’s keep our construction sites safe.


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Scaffolding Safety Guidelines

The following guidelines should be adhered to during the use and installation of scaffolds.

  • Those using the scaffold should be well trained by the relevant safety officers. This includes detailed explanations of how to get on and off the scaffolds (one should use a ladder). Fall protection procedures should also be explained in details to the users.
  • Inspect the base of the scaffolds before embarking on any work involving the scaffold. In cases where proper inspection is not done, uneven sinking of the scaffold can lead to tumbling or breaking of the entire scaffold hence causing catastrophic accidents.
  • Make sure that any naked electrical wires do not pass near the scaffold as they can easily injure the workers through electrical shocks.
  • One should acquire an authorised license from the authority to ascertain the safety of the scaffolds being used. Don’t try to operate without letting the authorities aware of what you are carrying out. Remember, ignorance can cost a lot.
  • Be aware of the loading capacity of the erected scaffolds. Even though most constructors don’t put this in mind, it is necessary, as heavy loads being imposed on the scaffold can lead to failure of screws and bolts. You clearly know that when these two fail, you won’t be having any scaffold but unstable steel frames. Don’t try to put more workers on a scaffold than it can handle. Check the user manual to know the strength of the scaffold.
  • Any worker on operating on scaffolds above 1.5 meters should be advised to put on safety belts and head gears, in cases of sliding, one does not fall to the ground, but is held by the rope until he is assisted.
  • Proper storage of the scaffolds. Improper keeping of this steel frames can lead to rusting hence reduction in strength of the entire scaffolds. Rust loosens the threads in the bolts hence they can’t be used to tie tightly. This can cause unstable erected scaffolds.
  • Proper inspection should be carried out on a daily basis. This ensures that any breakages of steel frames incurred can be rectified earlier. Those that appear weak should be removed from the site and replaced immediately before proceeding with use of the scaffold.
  • Use of guard and hand rails is the last and most important element of scaffolding. Those working can use the guard rails to protect them from tipping over, while those climbing to different levels of the scaffold can use the hand rails as a supportive element.

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