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Modular Scaffold – An Unconventional Manner Without Using Any Loose Components

A modular scaffold is a scaffold that has been put together from individual components, accessories and braces that have already been made. Modular scaffolds are normally used in construction sites where the workload is heavy. They are also equipped with hydraulic and mechanical jacks to aid in the adjustment of heights.

There are different forms of modular scaffold. Some of them being:

All Round System Scaffolds

All round system scaffolds involve using simple connection technology that is bolt free thereby making it stand out from the others.

Cup Lock System Scaffolds

This is a form of modular scaffolds used as support systems or accesses. This type of scaffolding entails connection of transoms and ledgers in an unconventional manner without using any loose components.

Uses of Modular Scaffold

Some general uses of Modular Scaffold are:

  • Modular scaffold is often preferred when the form of the building is complex e.g. hexagonal and it proves difficult to employ other modes of scaffolding. In such cases modular scaffold gets the upper hand as it adjusted to suit each shape and be erected conveniently inside and outside the structure.
  • Modular scaffold can also be used in special structures e.g. platforms or stages for various shows and events.

Benefits of Modular Scaffold

  • The assembly and dismantling of cup lock system is simple and can be done with ease following a normal procedure.
  • Structures of modular scaffolds usually require minimal storage space when not being used.
  • Cup lock systems are versatile in their use as they can be erected for circular, curved and various other configurations for provision of access and support in towers.
  • Modular scaffolds are very resilient and durable hence saving on costs of having to buy new ones (have a longer life span).
  • Cup lock systems normally have a built in security which ensures the safety of the structure while in use.
  • Modular scaffold requires less maintaining as they no loose parts in the systems.
  • Modular scaffolds made of aluminium are light in weight making it easy to operate and transport.
  • Bolt free technology used in modular scaffold saves on the general time used in erection and dismantling of the structure.
  • Modular scaffold incurs less risks of components loss as the components are standardised.
  • Modular scaffold can be used for all kinds of support and access structures in the construction industry.


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