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Mobile Scaffold – Designed For Easy Movement From One Point To Another

Mobile scaffold is a type of supported scaffold which is on wheels, casters or any other device for easy movement from one point to another. It is usually designed in such a way that movement can easily be made.

Mobile scaffold is mostly used in jobs where the workers need to change their workstations very often hence reducing the inconvenience of having to set up other scaffolds.

Mobile Scaffold

Mobile scaffolds are preferred over the conventional fixed ones when there’s a space limitation at the workplace. The scaffold is then used to optimise the freedom of movement while performing rather hard and challenging tasks.

Mobile scaffolds should be used carefully and a set of guidelines have to be remembered when using them:

  • They should always be used in an even surface that is also sound and free from debris.
  • The top guardrails should always be erected on the working platforms.
  • When the working platform has an access door, it should always be closed with exceptions being made during access.
  • The platform for working should be properly restrained against displacement to ensure safety of the worker.
  • Height to the top working platform must be less than three times the minimum base dimensions of the structure in order to improve stability.

Uses of Mobile Scaffold

Some general uses of Mobile Scaffold are:

  • Painting of building and ceilings.
  • Wall tile fixing.
  • Fresher board fixing.

Benefits of Mobile Scaffold

  • For mobile scaffold, workers are usually work by either standing or sitting on a plank which has a rail for safety purposes. Chances of workers doing construction or maintenance work having to fall down and hurting themselves are minimised hence work flows smoothly.
  • Mobile scaffolds are designed to be portable therefore they can be moved easily from one place to another. Having wheels attached to their base and the user just needs to use a simple push or pull to shift the position of the whole system.
  • Mobile scaffolds offer plenty of space at the top giving the worker ample space to work. This space enables the worker to keep his equipment and material for construction. This enables him to work more comfortably and efficient. It also minimises the chances of the workers getting injured as they do their work.
  • Mobile scaffolds are light as most of them are made of aluminium pipes.
  • Adding of guardrails to the plank in the top tower ensures that the workers get to work without having to fear for their safety. This will increase their productivity as they put more effort and concentration in their work.
  • Mobile scaffolds are easy to assemble and dismantle and all these can be done using hands.


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