Frame Scaffold

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Frame Scaffold – The Most Common Type Of Scaffold

Frame scaffolds are standardised and erected one above another relying on internal framing parts to stabilise it in one direction and cross bracing in the other thus offering greater stability.

This is generally the most common type of scaffold seen around the world in most worksites and are specifically erected to provide support to work and access platforms.

Frame Scaffold

Steel is the material used to construct these frame scaffolds, but the use of aluminium has over the past years gained popularity.

Frame scaffolds are available in different configurations:

  • Sections that contain a walk through portals and a ladder;
  • sections that are completely walkthrough;
  • sections that resemble ladders.

Following are general considerations that come into play when using the frame scaffold.

During Assembly

  • Check your location for: ground conditions, overhead wires, obstructions on the site, surface elevation changes and tie in problems.
  • You should inspect the frames, braces and any other components of the frame for bends, damages and excessive wear.
  • Check for the alignment of all the frame scaffold parts.
  • Inspect the locking devices as often as possible.
  • Assembly of the equipment should always conform to the manufacturer’s specifications or the engineer’s design.
  • Assembly of the scaffold should be such that one person is on the scaffold while the other person passes the material from the ground.
  • Mixing of frames and parts from different manufacturers is not advisable.
  • Jackscrews should not be overextended.
  • Do not use the same planks for sills as you do for platform bases.
During Dismantling

  • Ensure the structure remains stable at all times
  • Proceed in the reverse order the erection took place.
  • Do not drop or throw parts from elevated heights during dismantling.
  • Clear platform of all material before embarking on dismantling.
  • Lubrication of moving parts of all fitting should always be done.


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Uses of Frame Scaffold

Some general uses of Frame Scaffold are:

  • They are used in temporary shoring work hence should not at anytime be loaded above the safe working load.
  • They are used to support high slabs and bridge girders.
  • Simple frame scaffolds are used to in painting jobs for high walls.
  • Sections of frame scaffolds provide workers with a place to work from while also acting as a ladder to allow them to reach desired heights.

Benefits of Frame Scaffold

  • They are very easy to assemble and dismantle and do offer high resistance to collapse as compared to the others, hence offering a safe working platform for workers working at high altitudes.
  • Especially for those made from steel are usually resistant to corrosion especially from rust, making them efficient for use in many construction sites.
  • Frame scaffolds have a wide range of applications, hence are very versatile in their use as well as being economical thus saving on costs.
  • Frame scaffolds offer a wide range of access systems with the platforms, which can be adjusted according to the desired elevation.
  • Frame scaffolds also offer access stairways simplifying movement during work.
  • Frame scaffolds can easily be repositioned around the worksite as they are light in weight.

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