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Aluminium Scaffolding Has Lesser Weight And Is More Resistant To Corrosion

Aluminium scaffolding otherwise termed to as aluminium staging, is a non-permanent, metal framework made of aluminium, that supports materials and workers, in the processes of erecting, repairing, maintaining buildings, bridges or other forms of construction.

The aluminium frames as well as brace proprietary systems erected, are commonly termed to as aluminium scaffolding or towers. They are either static or mobile but mobile ones are used in most cases.

Aluminium scaffoldings are generally comprising of the following prefabricated components:

  • Aluminium outriggers.
  • Aluminium prefabricated ladders or stairs.
  • Prefabricated captive decks and hatch decks.
  • Aluminium braces; diagonal, horizontal and plane.
  • Aluminium end frames.
  • Castors or base jacks.

Uses of Aluminium Scaffolding

Some general uses of Aluminium Scaffolding are:

  • Aluminium scaffoldings are used as suspended platforms, cradles or hanging e.g. for bridge maintenance or even as platforms on uneven surfaces for stages and marquees.
  • They are used to stabilise or to shore a structure or a tall object by keeping it at a vertical position.
  • They are used for maintenance of the exterior of an existing building or structure e.g. while painting or cleaning windows.
  • Due to their massive strength, they are used as working platforms for workers building a structure as well as acting as stair cases or towers to other raised platforms such as flat roofs.
  • Aluminium scaffolding may serve as temporary roofs, walkways, bridges as well as sheds for keeping construction material.
  • Aluminium tower scaffolds are precisely designed to facilitate heavy duty indoor and outdoor activities as well as less intensive indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Aluminium foldable scaffolds are mainly used for small maintenance and repair activities.


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Benefits of Aluminium Scaffolding

  • Compared to steel scaffolds, aluminium scaffolding has lesser weight. This comes in handy in the transporting of construction materials as well as delivering the scaffold itself especially while working with time constraints.
  • Aluminium scaffolding saves on labour costs in terms of manoeuvring at the building sites, saving on manpower, crane costs as well as safety and lifting occurrences being reduced.
  • Ease and quickness of assembling and dismantling while dealing with aluminium scaffolding. It helps in saving on time as well as quickening the activities being undertaken.
  • Aluminium scaffolding is recognised for its stability since its connection parts possess high connection support and strength. It is hence secure and can be flexibly set up according to work requirements.
  • Aluminium scaffoldings are portable due to their light weight and can be moved from one position to another in the working area hence it is easier to access those awkward spaces for construction, decorating and other purposes.
  • Aluminium scaffoldings are more resistant to corrosion since they are made up of a sturdy aluminium alloy.
  • These type of scaffolds are equipped with band brake casters on them due to which they can be easily moved and locked during use hence can cause least possible harm to the environment, workmanship and surrounding construction.

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